There are some things that people  always ask from you and there is no way to prevent it. Here is a list of ten of those things.

1. Food. People always seem to ask other people for some type of food. If you are sitting alone on a bench and eating something like oreos, you are guaranteed to have to give a few up. If you are going to eat your favourite snack, it’s best if you find some place private.

2.Money. When somebody asks to borrow a couple of bucks, you aren’t guaranteed to get payed back anytime soon. It’s difficult to ask someone for your money back because you may seem greedy or selfish.

3. Advice. It’s very common for a friend or family member to ask you for advice because sometimes people don’t know what to do in a relationship or do not know which clothing item to buy. It’s completely normal for someone to ask you for advice but if you don’t know what to say, then just don’t answer.

4.Gum. Although gum can be used to cure bad breath, it does have it’s downsides too. For example, chewing gum regularly can increase your junk food intake. The only way to prevent having your gum taken away is by not buying any at all.



5. Opinion. If someone asks you what color dress looks better on them, it’s best to answer honestly, but not too honestly or they might take it the wrong way.

6. Wifi Password. When your friends come over, you don’t have a choice in whether or not you will give it to them. Without wifi, there’s no vine. Without vine, there’s hardly any laughing.

7. Pens. No matter how many packages of pens you buy, at least half of them will disapear within a week. People don’t normally carry around pens but when they do, others take advantage of that.

8. To pet your pet. If you have an animal at home like a cat, dog or bird, everyone is going to want to pet them. This is totally normal since no one can resist how adorable they are.

9. Hairbands. This one mainly applies to girls since guys normally don’t put their hair up when it annoys them. Unfortunatly, these hairbands don’t always find their way back to their original owner.

colorful-hair-bands (1)

10. Time.  Nowadays, everyone is walking around with a smartphone in their pocket instead of a watch. If someone forgot their phone at home or left it to charge, it is highley likely that they will ask you for the time.

If you can’t relate to any of these, no one would believe you. People are always missing one of these things and decide to take them from you instead.

source: Buzzfeed.com